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Here you will find answers to the most essential questions about the store. If you did not find enough answers to your questions please do not hesitate to contact us, we hope that you are well covered here.

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How much do authors earn from each sale!

Authors earn 75% of the item price, it is a constant percentage for beginners and professionals.

How earnings withdrawals are made!

We appreciate much authors on this site, authors can withdraw their earnings via PayPal after 1 week from their withdrawal request. However, the minimum withdrawal limit is $50 from the available free balance.

Can authors submit their items on other markets!

Authors are the owners of their items, they have full rights to distribute their items on any site they wish without any obligation to notify this store.

What is a free balance!

Free balance is the amount of earnings that are not held by a refundable invoice. Every time a purchase is made, the author will earn money. However, sometimes the purchasers are not satisfied with the item and submit a refund request, in this case the author earning will be reversed. Thus, earnings from opened refunds or refundable invoices can not be withdrawn until refunds are closed or invoices refunds are expired.

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Why Geriesh Games!

Geriesh Games stands as a competitive site when it comes to presenting games source code for the following:

  • It is dedicated only for games source code
  • It offers games in HTML5 and SWF formats
  • No bothering ads during browsing
  • Browse safely through site and checkout using PayPal secured checkout
  • It checks code quality for subscribers and guarantees 7 days money-back
  • It offers authors quick withdrawal actions within 7 days
  • Flexible uploading process
  • Easy update current products
  • Ability to imply products sale
Is there any subscription fees!

No there is no subscription fees. Having an account will be always free.

What payment methods are supported!

Currently, the site supports PayPal payment method only. Subscribers can buy products from Store and checkouts are made using the Cart menu. Checkouts are secured with PayPal secure checkout. Otherwise, if you have internal balance, you can surly use it to buy products. However, the available balance should be a free balance inorder to be used for purchases or withdrawals.

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What is the refund policy!

Subscribers can refund an item by submitting a refunding request. Refunding requests must be made within 7 days from the time of purchase. The item author will be notified to try to solve the dispute, refunding requests will be processed after 1 week from the time of request unless it is cancelled by the purchaser.

Do I have to purchase an item every time it gets updated!

No, if you had purchased an item you will always have the ability to download it even if it gets updated after. It is a life time purchase.

What type of license is granted with every item!

The store grants purchasers only a regular license with every sold item. Licenses are signed with an encrypted serial that matches the purchaser account on the store.