Refunding Requests


This article will explain how to request a refund for an item that you have already purchased.


Geriesh Games allows members to submit a refund request for their already purchased items. When a member purchases an item on Geriesh Games, an invoice is dynamically generated containing the details of that purchase, both the author and the purchaser are notified of the purchase process. Invoices can be found in the Statement tab on the user’s Settings page.

Refunding policy

Geriesh Games permits the submission of refund requests. However, there are certain rules for submitting and receiving a refund explained as follows:

  • Refund requests are only allowed for purchasers, while authors of sold items are not allowed to refund their sales.
  • Purchasers can request a refund for an invoice within 7 days from the time the invoice was completed, after which the invoice will be closed and no refunds can be submitted for that invoice.
  • After submitting a refund request, the author of the items will be notified and a discussion board will be opened on the invoice page for both the purchaser and the author of the purchased item to negotiate and resolve any issues regarding the involved item. The discussion board will be kept open for 7 days from the time the refund request was submitted to give both the author and the purchaser enough period to resolve any issues with the item.
  • After the discussion board is closed, one of Geriesh Games team will judge the discussion and decide whether this item violates Geriesh Games quality guidelines or not, We will make a decision based on all available information and all parties should agree that our decision is final.
  • The refund request will be approved and item price will be refunded if the item was found to be:
    • item is a fraud
    • item is misleading
    • item is not as described
    • item is of low quality
    • item has missing critical components and files
  • Refund requests will be denied if the item was found to be:
    • item similar to the description
    • item working fine and in the same way it should be
    • item is bought by mistake
    • item is complicated for your experience
    • item is removed
    • you don’t want it or changed your mind

Refund price

After a refund request is approved, the item price will be deposited on the purchaser account on Geriesh Games. The purchaser can withdraw the deposited amount through a withdrawal request or he can use it directly to make another purchase on Geriesh Games store.

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